Sunday, October 21, 2012

30 Lakeside Drive

So here's the second installment of my play along with Jones7659's contest over at MTS. See 95 Woodland Drive for a link over there.

This is 30 Lakeside Drive designed for Steve Jones. With a total lot budget value of $40,000. This lot is a remake of the same lot for TS2 from Pleasantview.

Living Room





****** Download****** (there are 3 other items (besides the lot) in the download file. One pattern and Two objects from creators that aren't creating for TS3 anymore and don't have their stuff readily available.)

 To make this lot look exactly like it does in the pictures you must have the following CC
 (These items are NOT included with the lot)

Block Glass Window
Hallway Painting
Key Rack
Coat Rack
Umbrella Stand
Table Pictures
Decorative Books
Skyrim Scenery Paintings
Tissue Box and Deco Soap Dish
Small Potted Plant and Garden Sofa
Bed Blanket and Backless Shower
Counter Islands and Beams as part of Armiel's Build and Buy Sets
Corner Tub
Modern Rug
Ceiling Height Glass Wall and Glass Bistro Table
Macbook Pro
Nizza Books
Ohio Mirror and Painting
Knife Holder
Wild West Painting
Asian Table Setting
Vanity Swing Floor Lamp
Pulp Sci-fi Paintings (scroll to about halfway down page)
Coffee Cup Tree
Deco Shampoo and Conditioner
Deco Toilet Brush
Bathroom Mirror
Vertical Slat Column
Hanging herbs
Cocoon Peinture, Estrak Livre, Raphael plante (Each of these comes from Mango's Cocoon, Estrak, and Raphael Sets)
Home Bar Lights
Arbusto 2 from the Telma Set
Bromeliad from the Garden Flowers Set
Desk Lamp
TS2 Carpet Conversions and Gigantic Pattern Pack

Friday, October 19, 2012

95 Woodland Drive

So I was perusing the contests over at MTS and came across the Pleasant View Home Makeover Contest hosted by Jones7659. Unfortunately I'd come across it too late, not to mention I haven't had TS2 installed since TS3 came out. The contest looked like a lot of fun however so I decided to take it upon myself to play along with TS3. So I had to actually build the house from the ground up and I decided to share it with all of you ~.^

This is the application round house 95 Woodland Drive with a $35,000 budget.

Living Room


Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Children's Room

I've uploaded the lot in case anyone is interested.


*****If you want the lot decorated like shown in the photos you need the CC from the following list****

**You can find the pay items in other places (like PMBD)

List Of CC (not included with lot)

Liam's Corner Bathroom Mirror
Liams Corner SingleDoor
garden flowers
Dot's Down Light
Io Shampoo and Conditioner
Io Toilet Brush
Kobe Bathroom Towels 1
Kobe Bathroom Towels 2
Cage Doorside Light
Bird House
Coat Rack
Bread Box
Lille Breads
Nizza Books
Apesanteur Vase
Estrak Livre
Cocoon Coussin and Painture
Raphael Plante and Raphael Plante ea
Lirio Africana from the Nature Set
Arbustol from the Telma Set
Plante2 from the Plantas2 set
Sofa Blanket from 8-3's Antiquity Set
Mini Hi-def TV
Pyropit CAST yourself a chimney
DIY Curtains
Simple Shower Tub and Backless Shower
Magic Garden Toy Box and Kitchen Tiers Cafe Top
Ceiling Height Glass Wall and Glass Top Bistro Table
Smaller Tulips
TS2 toys for TS3
Decorative Wall Plates
Classic Garden Chair
Bumper Crop Garden Fence
Leafy Patterns
TS2 Carpet Conversions, Mass Transit Tiles, and Gigantic Pattern Pack
Skyrim Scenery Paintings
Moderna Bathroom tissuebox, deco soap dish, cosmetic sets 01 and 02, and deco perfume bottles
Moderne Pendant Lamp
Mid Century Ball Lamp
Large Craspedia in vase
desk lamp
Rustic Wood Pattern Horizontal and Vertical
Office Table Light
Zebra Palm Pattern

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Misadventures of Unfortunate Anna (Ch. 2)

Chapter Two: Of Life and Love...and a job 

So Anna figured that if she was going to keep her house she probably needed to find a job. She'd always wanted to be a veterinarian and they had an opening at the local animal shelter. She figured she'd better start somewhere.

She went to the local hospital to apply and guess who she saw, Cyrus! It looked like he was getting chewed out by his boss though, so she decided not to say hello. That might be a little awkward.

When she got to the shelter to apply she saw the cutest little kitten. She couldn't help but bring him home. She named him Shadow and promptly went out and got him all sorts of supplies, including toys!! Isn't the little scamp cute!?

And what a better way to lure in attractive men than having the cutest kitten in the world.

She invited him in and he was completely and utterly baffled, he didn't even know what to say.

She already had her strategy in mind, Cyrus was her favorite anyway. She was going to wrap him up in a swirl of romance, he was never going to see it coming! She started out out by giving him flowers.
She read online that men love getting flowers, and everyone knows that if it's on the internet it's the god's to honest truth!

He gave her a hug to thank her for the flowers, and she very swiftly turned that hug into a kiss. This was her one and only chance and she was gonna take it!

Cyrus turned the kiss into something more. Looks like he was just as interested in her as she was in him. She loves her a man who knows exactly what he wants and goes for it, yes she does!

He took it even further and suggested they retire to the bedroom. She was so surprised she said yes, besides who could resist a man with an ass like that!

They ended the night sleeping off the evening's fun in each others arms. What will the future hold for these two?

The Misadventures of Unfortunate Anna (Ch.1)

So first I have to explain the premise of this story. As you know most of the EA-made sims (i.e. the sims that come with the game) aren't very attractive. I wanted to see if in 5 generations I could get a halfway decent looking sim using my own sim as a base and EA made sims as donors lol >.> .

So I decided to make a little challenge for myself. The sim I started out with is named Anna Loveless. Anna (the starter generation) is allowed to have 5 children, the next generation is allowed 4, and so on and so on until I get to 1 child and the final heir. Anna has been on one interesting and extremely funny journey so I figured I'd share that journey with you so you can join in the fun.

This is mostly going to be a picture story so enjoy ~.^

         These are the Misadventures of Unfortunate Anna

              Chapter One: Getting started

         This is Anna Loveless. Originally from Starlight Shores, she's moved here to Eltham's Drift in search of love. She's only been in town for a few days and already she loves it here. Everyone in Starlight Shores is so fake, so worried about how they look all the time instead of being worried about important things like oh you know, life. They all made fun of her because of how she looked, they even had a nickname for her: Unfortunate Anna. She didn't care though, because her parents brought her up to see the good in herself, and she's a better person for it. She loves it here in Eltham's Drfit because everyone seems just like her; normal.

Anna was so excited, it was only her 3rd day here in Eltham's Drift but already she had found a house. Seems the housing market had been in somewhat of a slump lately and this house was totally bargain basement. She hadn't even found a job yet and she was still able to afford it.

The first thing she should do is find a job, but why not find a man first!? She figured the best place to do that would be online

When that didn't work out, she decided to try the local racetrack. She met a guy named Cyrus there, he seemed kind of interested in her but she wanted to scope out her other prospects first.

She went to the library next because brainy guys = totally hot. Unfortunately this one was not, plus he was totally married and still coming on to her.......ewwwww

The next place on her list was the laundromat because guys need to wash clothes too.....right.....right?! She met this guy named Orville there but wasn't too impressed, he was kinda boring and all he wanted to talk about was laundry....ummmmm weird huh?

             Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Misadventures of Unfortunate Anna