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Chapter 1-7 Love and Lies

The Kimura Legacy Generation 1

    When she got home she renovated her home to make room for the twins. She didn't have much but that shouldn't mean that the twins should grow up anything less than perfect. She bought a table and another chair for the "living" area, and actually made a room for her and the twins.

    She thought of everything her babies would need and went to the furniture store. Unfortunately she only had money to buy one crib at the moment, but she'd have enough with her next paycheck to add another.

    The next day she went over to tell Shawn the good news, she was so nervous, she hoped he didn't freak out on her. She rang the doorbell and he opened the door almost immediately.
"Hey Shawn, I needed to see you so I came over without calling. I hope that's okay."
"Actually Tori, this really isn't a good time. I'm supposed to be on a conference call for work here in a few minutes."
"Oh, well I can wait then." Tori responded
"Well, it's probably gonna take about an hour. If it's really important how about you just tell me now?" Shawn said
"Um, ok I guess." She hadn't thought she'd have to just spurt it out like this. She was hoping they'd be able to at least sit down and get comfortable. When faced with the prospect of telling him just like that she found herself tongue-tied suddenly.

    "C'mon sweetie, you can tell me. What is it?" Shawn coaxed. He seemed in a hurry to have her leave, but that was probably just because of his conference call right?
"Okay, well it's kind of big news so you may want to sit down" she said
"I'm good right here Tori, so what is it?"

    "Shawn, come back to bed sweetie" an unfamiliar voice interrupted.
Tori's head whipped around to face the woman before she could finish her sentence. Her jaw dropped open. This woman was wearing nothing but one of Shawn's shirts and a pair of panties! She couldn't believe this was happening! How extremely humiliating.

    She whipped her head back over to Shawn. ", I can't believe this!" she managed to say "I thought you loved me and all this time you've been shacking up with this whore?!"
"You're calling me the whore?" laughed the woman "Oh, that's rich, when the man you thought loved you so much is practically the town gigolo" with that she sauntered back into the bedroom with a wink for Shawn.

    Tori's jaw dropped "The town gigolo are you fucking kidding me?!" she shouted "All this time I thought you were a kind and decent man, but you're nothing but a goddamn liar and a whore to boot! I'm gonna be the god damned laughing stock of this town. I can't believe you did this to me YOU FUCKING DICKBAG!" She slapped him and stormed for the door. She looked back right before she left "Oh and by the way, I'm pregnant you asshole!" she screamed as she slammed the door.

    She stormed her way home and in the door. By the time she got there though all her mad was gone and she just felt hollow inside. What was she going to do? She'd thought Shawn was going to help her with babies and they'd be a family, but that was all a lie. She probably couldn't count on the douchebag for child support either. What a mess. I can't believe I got myself into this situation she thought to herself. She flopped down her small bed in her small home and cried herself to sleep

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chapter 1-6: Suprises Come In Two's!

The Kimura Legacy Generation 1

    A few more days and a few clients later and she was able to expand again. This time adding an easel and a chair. Finally she was able to practice her painting skill without having to go into town to do so. She'd tried calling Shawn a few times but his answer was always the same. He had apparently been extremely busy with work and previous engagements, he told her he'd see her soon though. She'd just have to happy with that. She let a few more days pass before she tried calling him again. She'd had a particularly bitchy client who couldn't figure out where she wanted the couch. She'd had Tori move it half a dozen times before she was happy. Tori was ready for a break, she wanted to let loose and party a little. Shawn finally picked up the phone on like the 8th ring, but at least he was free tonight. He told her he'd meet her at some pub down town.

    He greeted her with a hug and seemed excited to see her. "Hey sorry bout the last couple times you've called. This week has been extremely busy, I feel like all I've done is eat sleep and work."
"Don't worry about it, you're here with me now and that's all that matters." Tori replied.
They spent some time playing shuffle board (it was actually a lot more fun than it sounded) and Tori preceded to whip Shawn's ass and won 4 out of 5 games. They had some drinks and danced a little bit and then Shawn pulled Tori upstairs.

    "Hey Tor, there's something I wanna show you upstairs." So Tori followed him only to find out his "surprise" was a bedroom. "Shawn, why in god's name are there beds in a pub?"
"Well, they keep a couple here so people can sleep off their drunkenness. They'd rather have a couple of dead beats sleeping it off up here than have them causing accidents out on the road. Don't worry they change the sheets every night."
"Oh, so that's what you had in mind. What makes you think I'm gonna have sex with you just because you pulled me into a bedroom, hmmm?" Tori said with a sly look
"Because you love me and I love you, and I'm just too damn sexy to resist." Shawn countered
"Oh, well in that case let me just fall at your feet in awe then." she said jokingly "Well if we're going to make use of this bed here, then why haven't you kissed me yet?" They made love there in the pub with the music blaring in the background and the scent of barfood on the air.

    Shawn totally surprised her afterward by jumping into her arms. (Good thing she was pretty strong XD) "I love you Tori." he said "I couldn't imagine my life without you. You're the best thing that's happened to this town in a long time."
She felt herself tearing up "I love you too" she whispered

    The next day she woke up with one hell of a hangover. I didn't think I drank THAT much she thought groggily. After a date with the porcelain throne, she had something to eat hoping that would settle her stomach a bit. She felt better for the rest of the day until she got home where she threw up for the second time that day. God, maybe I ate something bad, I really hope I'm not getting sick.

    She woke up the next day feeling considerably better. Especially since she'd gotten a gift from Shawn with the mail. There was even a note with it "Couldn't stop thinking about you, love Shawn". It was so sweet of him to send it! He even remembered she loved art, she couldn't believe how lucky she was to find someone so sweet and thoughtful.

    The days went on with more clients and more romance. She'd spend a couple nights a week with Shawn and they'd go out or snuggle up together at his place and watch a movie. She continued to have nausea off and on and she was beginning to suspect that this wasn't just a simple stomach flu. Tori decided it was probably time to make an appointment with the doctor to confirm her suspicions. She was lucky enough to be able to get in that evening due to a cancellation at the last minute.

    The doctor confirmed what she'd suspected now for some time. She was pregnant, and with twins! She felt a little dizzy when she left the clinic but she was mostly happy. She'd always wanted to have a family and she just knew Shawn would be a great father. She went home happy, dreaming of their future together. . .

Monday, December 10, 2012

Chapter 1-5: The holiday's are here

The Kimura Legacy Generation 1

    Since it was Halloween Day and she was in an excellent mood, Tori decided it was about time she carved those pumpkins she'd gotten from the fall festival. It would definitely help to make her little shack more cheerful, at least from the outside anyway.

    She didn't get quite the design she had hoped for the first one but the second one turned out great! She didn't have enough money for a pumpkin carving kit, so she'd just done it freestyle. Good thing she was at least a passing artist or who knows what they would've ended up looking like.

    She put the finished results outside her house right along side her brand new bike. Her new bike was a much needed purchase. She'd be able to get where she wanted to go without having to walk or take an expensive cab. Plus, already being the athletic type it would serve as her daily workout as well.

    Despite the chill in the air, winter was obviously on it's way, her garden had actually started to come along very nicely. She spent some time that night, while waiting for trick-or-treaters, tending to her garden. She couldn't wait until her produce was ready for harvest.

    She couldn't believe the dedication of some of these trick-or-treaters, it was starting to snow outside and they were still out scouring the town for candy! She only got a couple of them but it was fun handing out candy anyway. They probably thought her house was too much of an eyesore to come knock on the door!

    She woke up the next day to snow blanketing the ground. Good god the seasons come on fast in this town. It seems like it went from fall to full blown in winter in one day! Tori decided to build a snowman to celebrate the coming of winter and to cheer up the outside of her house a little. (Where the hell did she get the materials to build a snowman anyway?) The snow made the town look absolutely gorgeous! I wonder what the roads will be like

    Tori's next job was from some precocious little brat. She apparently wasn't happy about the way her room was decorated and was miffed her parents wouldn't do anything about it. Tori was happy to oblige the little girl (as long as she got paid) and went right to work. The little girl wanted everything decorated with unicorns and rainbows ( **barf**) but what the client wanted the client got. At least she was extremely happy with the results. When it came time to pay the little girl pulled out this ginormous wad of cash and shoved it into Tori's hands and then whispered "This is just between us got it? This job is on a need to know basis and my parents definitely DON'T need to know" Tori was a little skeptical about where the little girl had actually gotten the money, but hey she was poor and the little girl had given her almost $900! She certainly wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    She rode home that night on her bike (apparently the roads weren't too bad if you could ride your bike on them) extremely excited. With the money she had saved up and the giant wad of cash she'd gotten from the little girl (she still thought that was a tad weird) she'd be able to renovate her shack and add some much needed appliances, like you know, a stove and such.

    She was actually able to afford to expand her shack, add a counter and a stove, as well as afford a book shelf. Also her bathroom was in it's own separate little room now, thank god. No more nasty toilet smell when she was trying to go to sleep. 

    She even felt festive enough to hang up some christmas light on her shack. At least it looked a little more festive now. (of course it was still a complete and total eyesore) She went to sleep that night dreaming of new found wealth, at least relative to what she'd become accustomed to heh.

Chapter 1-6 
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Chapter 1-4: Finding Love

The Kimura Legacy Generation 1

    She had the next day off and it had warmed up a bit so she decided to check out the local festival. She loved playing sports so she went right to the soccer goal and practiced kicking some balls in. She worked up quite a sweat but she didn't mind. The air still had a bit of a chill to it, despite having warmed up and it went a long way to cooling her off.

    She went to the little arcade they had sent up in the center of the festival grounds next. She shot some hoops for awhile, and even managed to get the high score.

    As she was in the middle of a second round of hoops, a man walked up behind her and started giving her tips. "Don't twist your wrist so much as the ball is leaving your hand, your shot will be much more accurate that way"
"Hah, thanks" she turned back to her game and rolled her eyes. It was obvious he was trying to flirt with her because she hadn't missed a shot yet. After she was done with the round she turned back to him "You do realize I played basketball all through out high school. I don't really need any tips, but since they're coming from someone so cute I guess I'll let it pass, but just this once.
"Heh, thanks. How generous of you" the man replied with a cocky grin on his face. "I'm Shawn by the way, Shawn Taylor. I know most of the people on this island but I haven't seen you around. You visiting?"
"Nope," Tori replied "Just moved here from Twinbrook. I needed a change and this place seemed like the right fit. Well, since you've introduced yourself it would be rude of me not to return the favor. I'm Tori Kimura. Local architect at your service."

    They ended up talking there in the arcade until after dark. Turns out they had a lot in common. They both loved sports and he was even a professional trainer. No wonder he was giving her tips, it was kind of his job, something that came naturally to him. They traded flirts back and forth and ended up exchanging numbers. This guy was totally hot and she couldn't wait to see him again!"

    The next day was extremely chilly. She dressed for the weather and then went to the festival hoping she would run into Shawn again. She looked up and down the festival grounds but didn't see him. While she was there though, she decided to pick up a pumpkin for carving. Halloween was just around the corner after all and she really wanted to feel like a part of the community. Carving a pumpkin and displaying it in front of her home felt like just the thing to do.

    She even decided to try her hand at bobbing for apples. She wasn't very good and came in last place, but it was extremely fun nonetheless. Just as the contest was finishing she got a phone call. Hoping it was Shawn, she answered excitedly. Turns out it was only another job offering. She was a tad disappointed but glad she was getting more work.

    She went to the clients house in high spirits. Her client wanted Tori to redecorate her bedroom. She did just that, and thought she did an excellent job, but her client had other ideas. Apparently she had "cluttered up the place quite a bit". Are you kidding me!? she thought to herself  It's not like I made the place look like some sort of hoarders home. You can get around just fine in here. She accepted the criticism with grace though and thanked her client for the chance to redecorate her home. Well, that job had completely blown the wind out of her sails. It had started pouring rain while she was in her clients home and it took her about 2 seconds to get completely soaked after she left. She hailed a cab, and got another phone call right before she got in. She picked it up with a dejected tone. "Hello?" she asked, not bothering to look who was calling her first.
"Um, Tori? This is Shawn, is everything alright? You sound kind of bummed"
Suddenly Tori's day brightened considerably. "Oh, sorry just a bad day at work. Anyway what's up?"
"Well, I was hoping you'd come over. I'd really like to see you again."
This was exactly what she needed to cheer her up. "Yeah, just give me your address and I'll come by after I go home and change."
"Great, see you then" Shawn replied and then hung up the phone.

    She had gone home to dry off and change, but she was dripping wet again by the time she got there anyway. She knocked on his door feeling a tad bit anxious. She really liked this guy and didn't want to screw things up. Despite her being completely soaked he greeted her with a hug and invited her inside. They ended up talking and flirting again for quite a bit. He was obviously as in to her as she was in to him.

   They shared their first kiss right there in his living room, with her dripping water on his floor. It was magical. She could see herself spending the rest of her life with this man.

    He asked her if she wanted to stay the night and without even thinking about it she said yes. Things were moving awfully fast between her and Shawn, but she didn't care. She was in love and first love is always the sweetest. He even cooked dinner for them both. Granted it was only mac and cheese (total bachelor's chow) but she didn't mind, it was awfully sweet and caring of him to make dinner for her.

    After all that they were both extremely exhausted. They decided to retire to the bedroom, they didn't end up getting much sleep however. They made love twice that night and ended up falling asleep in each others arms. Tori glanced at Shawn just before she drifted to sleep and knew she was the luckiest woman alive.

 Chapter 1-5

Chapter 1-3: Working Woman

The Kimura Legacy Generation 1

    The sun rose on Eltham's Drift and woke Tori from her slumber. She started her first day of work today and she wanted to make a good impression, it was just as well that she woke up at the ass crack of dawn. 

    She made her way to the local gym so she could at least shower before she started her day. Wouldn't want her clients holding their noses while they told her what they wanted done in their homes. 

    Her first client of the day was Gina Springfield, she just wanted Tori to spruce up the house a little bit with some new furniture. Tori made sure to get to know her client before starting on the renovations. She wanted to make sure she made a good impression on her first client.

    She gave her a new couch and since Gina said she spent a large amount of her time working she gave her a desk and new computer. Gina ended up absolutely loving the renovations, her first client was an absolute success. She had one other job for the day and was so excited she could hardly wait. Her next client wanted a new laundry room. She took her time selecting the best appliances she could get for her money and when she revealed the new room her client was ecstatic! Both her first jobs were complete and utter successes! 

    With the money from her first two jobs she was able to expand her little shack and add a sink and a shower. She was finally going to be able to shower at home and even sleep inside. There was just enough room left over for her to lay her sleeping bag on the floor. Just in time too because fall was just around the corner and it was going to get chilly very soon.

    Before retiring for the day she decided to visit the local community garden to pick some produce she could then plant on her lot. Growing her own produce was going to save her a lot of money and at the moment every penny counted. When she got there she couldn't believe how big the place was. The garden's were obviously well tended by the community and she couldn't wait to get home and taste some of that fresh produce.

    She woke up the next morning to a chill in the air. Looks like fall had finally descended on Eltham's Drift. She decided to use the time she had before work to plant some of the seeds she'd acquired at the local garden. She would have to wait until the spring to see any fruits from her garden but it was well worth the wait. The produce she had tasted the night before was simply delicious.

    Another day of work went well and she was able to trade in her sleeping bag for an actual bed. Thank god because she didn't know how much longer she could stand sleeping on the ground. Her little shack was finally starting to feel somewhat like an actual home.