Naiya's Hair Retexuring Tutorial

Welcome to my Hair Retexuring Tutorial for The Sims 3.

So for this tutorial, I'll be working with Photoshop CS6. If you have a different version, I'm sure you'll be able to follow along.

Things You'll Need:
· Photoshop
· NVIDIA DDS Plugin for Photoshop
· s3pe
· s3oc (if you plan on making the package non default)
· a willingness to learn new things

What this tutorial will teach you:
· How to use Photoshop to re-texture a hair for ts3.
· How to use a texture of your choice in order to re-texture a hair of your choice.
· How to create a new Diffuse, Specular, and Control using the texture of your choice.
· How to replace the original images with the new images you made in s3pe.
· How to clone your package in s3oc in order to make a new package that won't override the original.

What this tutorial WILL NOT teach you:
· How to use s3pe
· How to use s3oc
· How to use Delphy's Sims 3 Pack Converter
· How to create a brand new texture from scratch
· How to become the Master Of The Universe
· How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I owe a huge thanks to Bosie and their tutorial. I learned to retexture hair from that tutorial and my tutorial is basically their tutorial chewed up and spit out for people who are new to Photoshop.

A thanks to the creators of s3pe and s3oc, without which this tutorial wouldn't even be possible.

Thanks to all the wonderful Hair creators out there.

HUGE THANKS to Shock&Shame for letting me use her texture in my tutorial, and for letting me upload my edited version of it so that you all could follow along.

Now without further ado:

Part 1: Setting Up Your Workspace
(Skip this if you know enough about photoshop to set up your own workspace)

Part 2: The Diffuse Texture

Part 2.5: What To Do If The Alpha Isn't Straight

Part 3: Making the Specular

Part 4: Making The Control
(This section is the longest and most involved out of the entire tutorial)

Part 5: Replacing The Original Textures Within The Package, Using s3pe

Bonus: Gettin' Lazy With The Tips And Roots