Saturday, December 6, 2014

Part 5: Replacing the Original Textures Within the Package Using s3pe

Navigate to where you have your package saved and open it in s3pe.

Click on the image you wish to replace, in this case the control is first. Right click on the resource and then click on replace.

You'll now be prompted to choose a file to replace the original with. Choose the control you made and click Open.

 Do the same for the other Images: the Diffuse and the Specular. Now Save your package. Congratulations! You have now re-textured your first hair. Replacing the Images this way will make your re-texture a Default Replacement, meaning it will override the original and people won't be able to use your Re-texture and Cazy's Original at the same time.

 If you don't want your re-texture to replace the original, then keep reading. Open the package in s3oc.
 Click on the contents of the package and then click "Clone or Fix".
 Make sure Create Clone Package and Renumber/rename internally are checked and then click start.
Wait for s3oc to do it's thing and then you're done. When prompted to name your package I would suggest a descriptive title. I usually include the my user name initials, the original creators name, the hair's name, and then whether or not the Hair uses Adjust Shine or EA style highlights. For example I would call this package: NF_Cazy_117_af_AS.

Bonus: Gettin' Lazy With The Tips And Roots

Congratulations! Enjoy your new re-texture ^^b
If you have any questions, you can post in the comments here or you can pop into my ask at tumblr and ask there. My tumblr ID is Please include which part you're having trouble with.
***Please, Please, Please, respect the creators TOU if you plan to share the retexture you make with this tutorial!***

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